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Is a resin bound driveway a good investment?

Resin Bound Driveway Services

When you’re making improvements around the home, you will want assurances that you’re paying money for a viable solution.

Investing in a driveway that can’t withstand the stresses of everyday life could mean you spend more over time.

When it comes to driveways there are several options available, but it can be confusing which will suit you best.

Resin bound driveways are becoming popular with many people, but are they a good investment? To ascertain the true value of a resin bound driveway we need to look at the benefits it can offer homeowners.

Resin bound is highly durable

One of the most attractive qualities of a resin bound driveway is the durability it can offer. Not only will the driveway be resistant to sunlight, but it can also protect against everyday wear-and-tear.

This means that your driveway will keeps its aesthetic quality over time as opposed to other options that could fade.

Resin bound is made using aggregated materials, creating a stronger surface than tarmac or concrete, meaning it can withstand much more.

Resin bound driveways are permeable

Those who have had drives made from other materials know there can be problems in the cold and wet weather. If a driveway isn’t permeable then water can gather and pond on the surface in the form of large puddles.

Not only can this mean the driveway will become damaged over time, but it can also be problematic in extreme weather conditions, sometimes leading to frost damage.

Resin bound driveways are permeable which means moisture drains easily. Not only will this lessen damage to the driveway, but it also means it complies with all by-laws

Resin bound driveways require little maintenance

The layout and durability of resin bound driveways mean they can withstand much more than driveways constructed from other materials.

As such, the cost of maintenance is low in comparison. It also ensures that your driveway will have a fresh and alluring look in years to come with very little effort.

Finding the right company to lay a resin bound driveway

Although there are several benefits of resin bound driveways, it’s of the utmost importance that a professional is always used. Otherwise you could find that you pay more than you should on a driveway that’s not up to standard.

If you’re currently considering a resin bound driveway and looking for some then get in touch with the Home Improvement Project today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Not only can we offer competitive pricing and a professional service, but there are no limitations when it comes to your chosen layout, colour or pattern.

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It is not possible to screen the iron content out of the product by using magnets as it is part of the chemical makeup of the aggregate. The aggregates affected by this problem are mostly flint or gravel based type products or aggregates that have usually been quarried from glacial or river deposits. Using Calcined flint aggregates will not eliminate this problem if the raw flint used already has high iron content.

Given that iron staining is a natural occurrence no guarantee can be given or liability accepted for areas affected by iron staining. Since 2016 The Home Improvement Project have only selected aggregates from quarries that have proven records of low iron content. Whilst iron staining can cosmetically spoil the appearance of the affected areas it has no detrimental effect on the render itself.
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