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Is artificial grass safe for my family and pets?

Is artificial grass safe

There can be many reasons as to why people choose artificial grass. Some may feel that the maintenance of real grass is too much. Others want to create a safer environment for children.

Whatever reason they choose artificial grass, people want to ensure that when installed, our loved ones and pets are safe.

People’s fear associated with artificial grass is that lead was once used in the manufacturing process, but this was some time ago. Also, the early artificial grass looked nothing like grass!

Nowadays, the manufacturing of artificial grass is friendlier to the environment and customers. But it’s still worthwhile to ensure that you’re using the right supplier. Also, its appearance now is so far advanced, it is difficult to distinguish it from the real thing.

The history of artificial grass

Artificial grass was commonly known as ‘ChemGrass’ and its first use was in the recreation area of a prep school.

Since then artificial grass has been known by several different names, and in recent years the materials used have become more environmentally friendly.

This means that there really is no problem in finding artificial grass that is safe for children and pets. What’s more, choosing a lawn or garden made from artificial grass can yield several other benefits.

The benefits of artificial grass

If you’ve considered other avenues, not artificial grass, you may have found it to be expensive. This can sometimes be due to the commission that a rep charges with each sale. This means only dealing with specialist companies direct can you find a perfect price.

Finding the right supplier ensures you’re not paying more than necessary for artificial grass and gives you several other benefits.

For example, those with a large garden may find that there is little time to maintain the grass so it looks dull over time.

Using artificial grass not only ensures that you’re having to carry out less maintenance but also allows you to ensure that your lawn or garden stays looking great for years.

Ideal for several applications

Most associate the use of artificial grass with lawns and gardens, and for good reasons. More and more homes are taking advantage of the benefits offered by artificial grass, but the home is not the only place it can be used.

Sports centres can use artificial grass to create a pitch that doesn’t require lots of money or time to maintain. Similarly, childcare settings can create  play areas that are visually appealing while offering a soft surface for children to play.

If you’re considering the use of artificial grass then contact The Home Improvement Project to discuss your requirements in more detail. As well as receiving a free quote, you could save as much as 40% when compared to other providers.

Customers can also be confident that any artificial grass supplied by The Home Improvement Project is safe for children and pets and is high quality.

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