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How Large Should a New Conservatory Be?

When building a new conservatory, people can often have a lot of questions. The building of a conservatory may seem easy, but there are other parts of the process to consider.

new conservatory

One of the important things to consider at design stage is the size. This will confirm whether you need planning permission, as well as helping plan your budget.


Before going ahead with a new conservatory, you need to consider all aspects as anything that you overlook could cost more to fix in the future.


How Will You Use Your New Conservatory?


When choosing a new conservatory, many will want to ensure that they’re getting the perfect addition to their home.


There can be times when people just have too much space afterwards. As such, it can be useful to think about what the conservatory will be used for.


If you’re just looking for somewhere to sit and read, then you may not need as much space as those who want to use the area for meals.

new conservatory

Homeowners may choose a new conservatory to add value to the home. In most instances, a conservatory can add as much as 5% to the overall value of the home.


However, adding a conservatory will not automatically generate profit. The look and size are just as important as if you were looking to use the controversy on a full-time basis.


If you’re unsure of what size conservatory is best suited to you, The Home Improvement Project can offer advice and run through the options with you.


A New Conservatory May Require Planning Permission


People can choose a conservatory that has a maximum height of 4 metres and doesn’t cover more than half the garden.


If the conservatory is within two metres of a boundary, the maximum height is slightly bigger at 3 metres.


Although this all seems straightforward, there can be several other rules that need to be considered.


This includes ensuring that there are no verandas, balconies or raised platforms.


The Home Improvement Project advises checking as to whether planning permission is needed or not.


Planning a new conservatory is expensive, so it’s best to avoid the expense by checking in the first instance.


What Is Your Budget for a New Conservatory?

When looking at the options available in relation to a new conservatory, you will need to ensure that the new conservatory you choose is affordable.


There are several things that need to be considered when putting together a budget.


This includes the materials used and how labour-intensive the overall build is.

new conservatory

The Home Improvement Project understands that calculating the price of a new conservatory can be difficult.


This is why we’re only too happy to discuss the options available and what alternatives may be available.


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