protect your home from damp

Using wall coatings to protect your home from damp

Protect Your Home From Damp. Cement render – the problems

Cement render first became widely used just after the war. It has since become a popular finish to old and new homes as it’s thought to keep external walls dry.

Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Old houses are built with stone, soft brick or lime mortar which all move around quite a bit with heat and seasonal changes. However, render does not move as it is rigid and cannot move so it will crack. This allows water into the render where it can get trapped. It either works its way to the walls causing internal damp and a cold wall or frost can damage the render further causing very expensive repairs. The usual solution is to paint the render with masonry paint but this needs to be renewed regularly as it flakes and weathers very quickly and is normally not breathable.

protect your home from damp

Damp wall behind unprotected render

Cement Render – the solutions

So what can you do about cement render? The solution is a breathable wall coating system professionally installed by The Home Improvement Project.

By preventing damp entering the exterior surfaces of your building, you won’t have to worry about algae and mould developing. In fact, our wall coatings are resistant to both mould and algae because our wall coatings are microporous. This means the walls of your building or home will be able to breathe and will remain dry.

Our wall coatings are also flexible and durable. This means that they will not flake, fade or peel, helping to make sure your home will always look beautiful! Plus the wide range of colours and textures means you can choose whether your home blends in or stands out.

Wall coatings will effectively cover up any unsightly blemishes or cracks that have developed as they are 20 times thicker than masonry paint. They also further protect the exterior of your property from future damage. This will future-proof your most valuable asset.

When this is all added together, it not only makes good practical sense, it makes good financial sense too as it will eventually pay for itself.

protect your home from damp

Fully repaired and coated wall

If you are interested in learning more about our fully guaranteed, 5-stage process, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team for some free, no-obligation advice.

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